Frequent Employee Training for Business Success

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Employee Training

In today’s competitive business environment, it is essential that employees keep abreast of the latest industry developments. Unfortunately, there are many employers who do not feel so. For them, training of employees is expensive and draws them away from work and projects that have fixed deadlines for completion. However, despite these drawbacks, training of employees and development of a company are closely linked together. Frequent employee training contributes to business success, both from the point of the employer and the employee.

When taking up training programmes, you can either choose senior executives to conduct the programmes or hire external trainers for the purpose. For example, if your business is located in the State of Victoria, Australia, you can hire expert and industry experienced Melbourne small business consultants to structure the courses for you and conduct the training.

The benefits of training will now be seen in its proper perspective.

Good for your business

  • Through training you get to decide the skills that your employees should have at workplace. This will be according to the work and projects they are handling. Hence, you are preparing your staff for the future too and there will not be a need to hire additional staff with the specific skill sets as you have already trained your existing staff in this direction. You therefore save a lot on establishment expenses too.
  • Training increases productivity at workplace. This is more so for your sales team which has to be constantly updated with not only the details of your new product launches or existing product modifications but that of your competitors’ too. Only then can they approach customers with a great deal of confidence. Apart from better customer service, training also makes the workplace safe as it also incorporates safety practices in the programmes.
  • Training is good for employee morale as they understand that you value them enough to invest in them. You will therefore get their absolute loyalty and there will be less of staff leaving your business for greener pastures.

Good for your employees

  • Your employees acquire new skills that will help them to do better in their jobs. As a result, there will be an increase in productivity through enhanced staff efficiency levels. Additionally, employees will get confidence to optimally complete projects and work to your complete satisfaction.
  • After training, employees can take up new positions in the company with enhanced pay and better career opportunities. Hence training furthers growth prospects as employees are up-skilled to do various new tasks which go a long way to keeping them motivated on the job.
  • When employees see that you are training them on your time and that you value their worth enough to invest in them, they will always give off their best for the organisation.

These are some of the benefits of frequent employee training in any organisation, regardless of its scale or scope.


Learn and Earn with Plastering as Career Option

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Plastering as Career Option

The aesthetic beauty of a building depends largely on the quality of plastering, regardless of whether it is a domestic, commercial or industrial establishment. While external plastering is definitely complex and has to stand up to the vagaries of the weather, internal plastering is both an art and science. It is science because it has to be meticulously done so that it stands the test of time and art because an experienced plasterer can transform the interiors beautifully through ornamental and decorative plastering.

Additionally, a commercial plasterer has to know the many fine aspects related to it. Building structures with enhanced acoustics and false ceilings are some of the multi dimensional work of plasterers. Hence if you are looking at plastering as a career option, you should pick up adequate skill sets first by joining one of the many Universities and polytechnic that offer top of the line courses on plastering.

All courses offered by these Institutes offer pre-apprenticeship and apprenticeship programmes. In the first case, you have to go through full time training and classes to pick up the basics of plastering. You will be given an overview of the industry and the many career options open before you.

Primary areas that will be covered include use of hand and power tools, plastering construction techniques, levelling and scaffolding, reading building plans and installing walls and ceilings, insulation and decorative mouldings. You will also be taught about demolition work. This is very important as plasterers are often required to take down existing structures and build new ones during renovation activities.

In the apprenticeship training you will be required to work on-site with qualified and well established plasterers to get firsthand knowledge of the skills needed to be a plasterer. If you are in Melbourne, you can get to work as an apprentice with Coburg Plasterers, one of the leading and well known names in this field. Most apprenticeships are paying so you can learn while you earn.

Some of the courses that are ideal for young budding plasterers wanting to make a career out of this trade are –

  • Certificate II in Building and Construction (Wall & Ceiling Lining and Painting & Decorating)
  • Certificate III in Solid Plastering which is spread over 30 months and includes the many aspects of solid plastering in residential and commercial construction.

In the fast growing real estate market with large scale construction activities, the time is ripe for potential plasterers to take the plunge and pick up this trade, more so when there is a scope of learning hands-on while earning.


Tips for a Successful Retirement Life

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Successful Retirement

The best part of a post retirement life is that you can describe it in any way you want to. Some would say that they have stepped into a life that they have always wanted while others would say that they have not retired at all, it’s just another phase in their lives. This is what makes a retired life so interesting as it is all about the type of life that YOU want. It might be travelling to new places that you have always wanted to visit but couldn’t make it or it might even be picking up a new vocation – photography maybe! It is entirely up to you, the type of existence that you want.

Here are certain tips that you can use to plan for a retired life.

  • Have a positive attitude to life – Your ability to quickly adjust to a changed lifestyle will determine how you approach this phase of your life. Some aspects will be positive while others will be challenging. Retirement is definitely not one long part of life. The activities that you are able to carry out immediately after retirement will wane and fresh ones will take its place. The trick is to be constantly on the lookout for new opportunities to keep yourself engaged in tune with your physical and mental state. The only true transition is when you see yourself changed every time you look in the mirror. Getting older will be a physical issue and not a mental one if you can maintain a positive attitude to life.
  • Have a positive attitude to work – Regardless of whether your pre-retirement workplace was in a certified garage as car mechanic in Sunshine, Melbourne or as a sales executive in Sydney, you can contribute your skills, job knowledge and experience to society in some way or the other. This is also another way to carry on with the positive stresses in your life that you have been so used to and would surely miss post-retirement. If you have a positive attitude to work then the common notion that a retired life is sans work becomes irrelevant. Incidentally, the work you take up need not be highly paying or full time only, even a part-time work or being a volunteer in any field can be very satisfying too.
  • Fostering family and personal relationships – Human beings it is said are social animals. Personal relationships give a boost to the mental state and define the purpose to live. It also encourages you to meet the goals you have set in your life. Sharing lives and experiences on life’s journey post retirement with the people who truly matter is basically a validation and continuation of the “connect” established with colleagues pre-retirement. It is an opportunity too for sharing life with those who haven’t got enough of you pre-retirement. Psychologists say that the desire to share lives with others is a basic human need. You will now after retirement get lots of opportunity to fruitfully spend some quality time with your loved ones.
  • Being financially comfortable – Having a million dollars in your bank does not guarantee a happy retired life. Instead being financially comfortable and managing your existing resources in a fulfilling way will surely keep you happy. You will also have a lot to discover too. For instance, in your work life you might have always looked for top of the line garages for car maintenance. Now, you will have all the time in the world to realise that a cheap car service in Melbourne or wherever you are staying is in no way inferior to the swank service stations you are used to.

These are some tips on how to spend a fulfilling and happy retired life. What you ultimately decide to do depends absolutely on your mental setup and frame of mind.


Find Right Staff to Grow Your Business

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Grow Your Business

So you have built your business up to the point where you are ready to hire staff to help you build and grow. However, knowing what to look for in a candidate is not as easy as it might seem. You need to be very careful and have a formal recruitment process in place when looking to hire employees. This will help improve the chances of hiring the best talent as well as avoid the painful and costly mistakes at the same time.

Shannon Pigram, a multi-talented manager and organiser working the HR field says, there are many different types of employees in a business, such as leaders, go-getters, followers and employees who do the minimum. You will also have employees who struggle from time-to-time or the ones who lose motivation. High and lows are inevitable, but according to him with the right attributes, your employees will use their skills to grow your company. His YouTube channel has various videos on this aspect which you can have a look at when hiring employees.

So, here are few characteristics you need to look in when hiring staff to grow your business.

  • Dedication

This is the first and foremost thing you need to look in when hiring the employee. Look for employees who have a no-nonsense and get-it-done attitude as these dedicated employees will help pull the wagon. Also, employees who are dedicated don not leave before their shift is over and tie up the loose ends and make sure that their work goes beyond and above of what is expected. When interviewing a candidate, ask them about their work ethic. Talk with their previous employer to find out if they have that dedication and drive to make your business successful.

  • Positive Attitude

A positive attitude is not only important to help your business grow but is an important prerequisite in general life as well. Employees with positive attitude help your business scale new heights. When interviewing candidates, look for the ones who don’t lose sight of their positivity when time gets tough. Value candidates with a good attitude and if the employee has had a bad experience ask them what they learned from it. Asking this will help you ensure that how positive the employee is. Additionally, positive attitude is important for developing a good relationship with co-workers as well.

  • Well Qualified

Of course, the employee you hire need to be qualified for the job, you just can’t hire someone to be a designer if they have a good attitude but no idea what they are doing. You need to look for skills and beyond what is mentioned in the job description, such as good communication or leadership qualities. This will help you get an idea of whether the employee could fill a management position in the future. Check thoroughly to see if a candidate’s skills, experience and educational qualification match what you are looking for. Give candidates tests and ask behavioural questions to ensure they are right for the job.

So, these are few of the characteristics you need to look when hiring staff to grow your business. However, finding the right staff is a painstaking process, you can take external help such as from recruitment agencies or hire Shannon Pigram, an HR professional responsible for company culture, developing learning programs and developing recruitment strategies to help hire the right candidates. Shannon keeps taking on new ventures and projects. To stay informed on Shannon’s latest projects visit wesrch and Etsy and also follow him on LinkedIn and Instagram.


Secrets to Success as a Beauty Therapist

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It takes a lot to be a successful beauty therapist. You need to have extensive knowledge about the industry you are working in and have a wide range of skills. Many beauty trainees are attracted to this glamorous industry and often forget to take into account the personal qualities they might need to be successful. Essential skills all budding beauty therapists should have is the confidence in meeting people, a pleasing personality to make clients comfortable and being passionate about their work.

There are a number of personal prerequisites that are absolutely necessary to be a successful beauty therapist.

Communication skill is the key to being a successful therapist. Without effective communication, a message can turn into error, misunderstanding, frustration, or even disaster by being misinterpreted. In today’s highly informational and technological driven environment it is crucial to have good communication skill. If you are shy and find communication difficult, practice, practice and practice as practice makes the person perfect. Judge how polite and courteous you are because people always remember rudeness. Good manners will set you apart from the others.

Confidence is another aspect some people are born with and others have to work for it. The denotation of confidence is the belief in oneself and one’s abilities. Therapists using IPL machine need to have a lot of confidence so that client’s feel relaxed around them. Also the therapist should have no reservations about working in a close environment with them. A beauty therapist is a one that people put their trust in as they may reveal body deformities that might be embarrassing to them and it is up to you to maintain their trust and be prudent about their visit.

The client’s consultation period is crucial to your ultimate success as a therapist. People love to be listened to, so ask as many questions as you can to discover what their needs are before beginning any type of treatment. This is also essential because knowing what the clients need will help you to customise the treatment and build a rapport with them.

Once the client has finished explaining what they need, make sure to repeat and clarify their needs to ensure that both of you are on the same page. Do not assume what their issues are unless they communicate it to you. Once you fully understand what their needs and concerns are, make sure to tell them what the outcomes of the treatment will be. This will largely depend on the quality of equipment you have. Those imported and distributed by Universal IPL in Australia are considered to be superior and top end ones and offer consistent results. Consider the client’s overall health, including diet and negative habits. Not only does health affect the texture of the skin, it could also alter the outcomes of certain treatments.

Beauty is an evolving industry and witness changes almost every day. To be a successful beauty therapist you need to continue to evolve with it. You need to update yourself to the latest technologies and trends in the beauty industry so that you can provide the latest treatments IPL laser machine treatments that the client’s request.

Caring about your clients is the ultimate measure of how successful you will be. Implement client feedback form so that you understand where you need improvement. The feedback form will also help you to provide better service next time. If you truly care about your clients and the services you provide, it will surely reflect in your work.

You will be successful not based on what treatment you provide but on optimised care for your clients.


The Secret to Success in Dentistry

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When running a dentistry business within the industry, success relies primarily on two important aspects. These two aspects are crucial to success, yet many manage to completely lose sight of them in the daily business of running a dentist business.

The two aspects are the ability to properly manage both the clinical and the daily management aspects of the practice. Most dentists and practice owners make the mistake of only focusing on one of these aspects, completely ignoring the importance of the other aspect or simply minimising it.

Many dentists inherently understand the importance of improving their practical and technical skills. Several employ the use of additional training, either through personal development courses or a dental technology program. However, even though the dentist can now offer amazing surgery treatments, patients do not only respond to technical skills. In fact, many patients cannot differentiate between dentists with differing technical skills. If a dentist’s clinic management skills do not improve along with their technical skill training, the practice will not grow or flourish. Something that would be a shame for a dentist who has invested time and effort into further training programs and specialised knowledge.

The opposite mistake can also happen. The practice manager invests time and money improving the general clinic into growth. This can be through motivating patients for treatment, gaining new patients and presenting cases. However, while all these tactics are great business and management sense but they are not useful for improving clinical skills.

There needs to be a balance of both technical, clinical and practice management skills. Honing both skills will enable dentists and practice owners to provide exceptional treatment to patients while at the same time motivating and leading staff and patients to optimal dental health. Only by analysing your practice, its weaknesses and the needs of the patients, can any dental practice reach its maximum potential.

Both sections are completely reliant on each other, decisions made for one will have follow-on effects on the other aspect. So a decision to change a piece of technical equipment or train in a specific technique will have direct ramifications on the patients and the overhead control. In the same way, changes to practice management will directly affect the clinical treatment and practical aspects of treating patients.

Changing the technical aspects of the clinic can involve something as simple as the bringing in a faster and more exciting new piece of equipment. Something that many practice managers would hesitate at providing the initial outlay for without proven results. However, by gaining a piece of new technology, it can speed up the treatment process. With more immediate and reliable results, patients are more satisfied, and it frees up treatment sessions for new patients or cases, rather than needing several touch-up results. This then impacts the management, enabling a greater turnover and return on investment with a faster client turnover.

For the practice management aspect, one the biggest ways to improve in these areas is to train your staff in management and run a trained front desk properly. This mix of technical and practice management is the key to success for any dentistry office. When attempting to reach the maximum potential of your practice, it is only by synthesising these two aspects together rather than isolating them, that businesses can move past basic or substandard growth. The result is a happier, more stress-free and productive environment for the entire dental team, from front desk to patient.


How Success is Directly Proportional to your Looks as a Professional

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Success is like water, it takes the shape of its holder and creates an exclusive space for itself. Like water, there is no standardised explanation to success, it is specific to the environment it is in. Success in an industry is quite different from success in academics, success in administration is quite different from success in sports. Even the avenues to success in all these cases is different, the means to reach the pinnacle is as diverse as it can get. What then defines success? It is a matter of the mind more than anything else. Same company, same executives and same work, yet workers in the same department will have different benchmarks to measure their personal success stories.

However, in this hugely complex cauldron of definition to success, there is one common thread that runs through all. It is your looks and how you carry yourself off in different situations. It is often said that a confident person has a higher probability of achieving success in his field of activity. And it is here that looks matter. You will want to do business with a person who is impeccably dressed and takes care to ensure that the tie knot is exactly where it should be, with a person who dresses for the occasion to impress you with his business acumen. Looks matter a lot and is often considered to be directly proportional to looks.

There are those who go the extra mile to ensure that they are tops in the looks department, if only to make sure that they climb their way to success. Helping them in their effort are the many beauty clinics that dot any location in the world. Beauty and looks is big business today because people have realised that a part of success can be attributed to this factor. So if a little bit of investment in looks gives returns manifold in terms of success, why not.

This is one reason why there is an exponential growth in IPL laser machines for sale. These machines are primarily meant for skin rejuvenation treatments and permanent hair removal. Use of epilators and waxing for hair removal is passé. Which successful person has the time to repeatedly make an effort to look good before every important meeting or client interaction? The machines send short bursts of light through the skin that strikes at the root and bulb of the hair follicle. These are destroyed thereby stopping hair reproduction from the roots. All skin types can be treated by these machines and it takes just 4 to 5 sessions once a month for complete permanent hair removal.

Finally, success and looks is like a double edged sword. Too much of any one can drag you to complacency. The trick is to ensure that the two are simultaneously kept on even keel. A successful businessman who has struggled his way up might just feel that he can ride on it forever irrespective of how he maintains himself. Sadly, this cannot be further from the truth.  Success is directly proportional to looks and must be kept that way.


New Trends in Startups Can Make You Successful

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2017 seems to be a promising year for independent venture proprietors and aspiring entrepreneurs. The advancement of modern day business technology has increased the chances to grow exponentially for the private companies.

Online networking and digital advertising have accounted for a rapid growth of the E-commerce industry, which as a result facilitates your business to reach prospective clients in untapped markets across the globe. Being well acquainted with the current market trends is vital to remain relevant in the steadily developing universe of business.

Here are three small business trends that will more or less define the business world in the near future –

Virtual Reality

PC lovers and sci-fi essayists have envisioned VR for a considerable length of time. Yet, prior endeavours to create it, particularly in the 90’s decade, were disillusioning. At that point, we weren’t technically equipped to take on the concept of VR and successfully implement it. However, in the light of Moore’s Law, furthermore the fast evolving processors, screens, and accelerometers, guided by the growing prominence of the smartphones— VR is at last prepared to go standard.
As per the experts, this is the year for big businesses to play make up for lost time. Commercial enterprises need to cope with customer-facing startups, which have as of now made excellent, useful interfaces, particularly on the cell phone.

Millennial Influence

Millennials seek exhaustive authority and open doors for development irrespective of the position they occupy. Straightforwardness, coordinated effort and a consistent professional-personal life balance are imperative to their convenience, as well as to their prosperity inside the work environment. Millennials likewise easily embrace new technological advancements, along these lines eradicating the cumbersome change stage individuals of the past era have endured due to back to back technological updates.
For business people from the millennial era, the capacity to quickly spread data is vital to fruitful showcasing. Millennials are additionally more mindful of the social obligation displayed by their workers or bosses. With an end goal to keep up that perfect work-life balance, they effectively look for specialists and work environments with shared morals and standards.
Millennials put such a great amount of emphasis on quality and corporate ethics. They like to utilise technology to deal with the busywork – web-based meeting and web conferencing applications in addition to work process improvement and venture administration platforms for coordinated effort and profitability in the work environment. Therefore, Millennials are, in that way, shaping up the future of the business world.

The Internet

The accessibility of Internet-based innovation gives private ventures more control over brand advancement, showcasing and client engagement. While tech new companies customarily take advantage of these services, internet tools give moderate and achievable solutions for independent ventures in different domains including the natural cleaning products industry.

With wholesale changes occurring in the entrepreneurial world, keeping competition at bay can be both energising and testing. Nevertheless, these above-mentioned trends will empower you to get started on right foot.


Inspirational Success Stories – Motivate Yourself

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When someone talks about inspirational success stories that help people motivate themselves to reach pinnacles of success, it is not simply a matter of narrating what happened. It is in fact an acknowledgement of the prowess, the pain of failure and bouncing back again and a determined will to succeed against all odds.

These are two of my favourite success stories – the first about a software engineer and the other a now construction industry celebrity.

Brian Acton was a software engineer employed with first Yahoo and then Apple Computer with more than a dozen years of experience under his belt. In 2009, he was looking for a job change to advance career prospects but got turned down by two of the most trending software companies at that time – Facebook and Twitter.

Not one to give up, he teamed up with another Yahoo alumni Jan Koum and built an application that became a widely accepted passion amongst the old and the young. Yes, it was Whatsapp, the cloud based messaging app that changed the very concept of keeping in touch. The icing on the cake was in 2014 when Facebook that had once turned down Brian’s job application acquired Whatsapp for $19 billion in cash and stocks. Overnight Brian’s net worth soared to $3.8 billion.

The next is about Mick Fabar, a legend in the Australian construction industry. Mick started his company Mick Fabar Constructions in 2001 in his hometown Orange NSW and soon carved out a name for himself in this field. He gained a reputation for superior construction quality and was given an award of excellence in 2005 by the Master Builders Association for a redevelopment project.

At the peak of his performance, Mick received a setback, surprisingly because he refused to compromise with his reputation for high quality construction. A mining boom in Orange in 2005 saw builders from all over the country descending on the town to bid for the large number of projects on offer. They offered rock bottom rates to bag projects thus putting a question mark on the quality of work. Mick refused to toe this line and naturally his business took a hit.

But a person with Mick’s capabilities and determination could not be kept down for long. He founded Green Homes Australia in 2006 and this was a turning point in the Australian construction industry. This sister concern of Mick Fabar Constructions focussed solely on building energy efficient homes that reduced electricity usage and energy bills. Methods that were incorporated in building plans included rain water harvesting, passive heating and cooling systems, installation of solar energy plants and optimised recycling solutions.

To spread the message, he built two houses in Orange in 2008 that showcased this concept and invited other builders to share his knowledge and expertise in this field. Over 20 builders participated in the franchise model and applied this new found know-how when building their projects, thereby benefitting millions of Australians across the country.

Mick Fabar soon became an internationally recognised entrepreneur. He received prestigious ISO certifications – ISO 9001 for Quality Management Systems, ISO 14001 for Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems and ISO 50001 for Energy Management Systems. A slew of awards followed too – finalist in two categories of the Housing Industry Awards in 2009 and Water and Energy Efficiency Awards in 2008 and 2009.

If there is one inspirational story for business, it is surely about Mick Fabar and his construction company.


How to Be a Successful Property Investor

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Investing in property is not easy; there are hundreds of ramifications to it. But for the seasoned and the experienced, it’s all in a day’s work. Value of property depends on many factors, not necessary linked to property itself. A war in a remote country can make property prices plunge at the other end of the globe. A natural disaster such as an earthquake can lower prices elsewhere. And even election of an American President or Britain leaving the European Union can affect property prices favourably or adversely. Hence any property investor must have an ear to the ground and take into consideration all such aspects to be successful.

However, any property investor has to follow a definite set of rules to be in a truly winning situation.

Invest low – This is of course the cardinal rule in all speculative ventures. Remember, playing the property market game is on top of this list. Invest when property markets are low and sluggish and build on that. When you ultimately decide to sell, you’ll be in a winning position. However, knowing exactly when the prices have hit a trough and you have to buy is difficult. That’s when your experience and business acumen will be severely tested. Forget about property prices for a while, keep your sights broadly on events around you and try to understand what might impact property prices.

Have patience – There is always a tendency in human nature to make a quick profit. After you’ve purchased property at rock bottom prices, do not sell when prices are on the upswing. Have patience and wait for the trend to run out of steam. How do you know that this level is approaching? The rate of increase will be high initially but will ultimately level off. You have to keenly follow the pattern and hold on to your investment even against your most fervent desire to sell.

Consult the experts – Even though you might have acquired a certain degree of expertise in this field, it is always advisable to consult the professionals to guide you. Before arriving at a decision take a commercial property lawyer into confidence. There are a host of things to be looked into – laws of the land, documentation, stamp duties and compliance with other legal and statutory requirements. Any error at this stage can turn problematic at a later stage.

Specialise in a niche – If people have to know you and approach you as a successful property investor and dealer, you should cater to a niche. Generalisation does not pay in the long run in this field. If you specialise in say up market properties, others looking for the same will approach you. Other examples are residential or commercial property, industrial land or farmland and any other type of property that you might think of. True, you will get limited clientele but then you can keep a higher margin as the price of having exclusive and top of the line properties in your portfolio.

These are some of the tips you can use to be a successful property investor. Other ways and means to optimise your business rests solely on your business wisdom.