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Find Right Staff to Grow Your Business

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Grow Your Business

So you have built your business up to the point where you are ready to hire staff to help you build and grow. However, knowing what to look for in a candidate is not as easy as it might seem. You need to be very careful and have a formal recruitment process in place when looking to hire employees. This will help improve the chances of hiring the best talent as well as avoid the painful and costly mistakes at the same time.

Shannon Pigram, a multi-talented manager and organiser working the HR field says, there are many different types of employees in a business, such as leaders, go-getters, followers and employees who do the minimum. You will also have employees who struggle from time-to-time or the ones who lose motivation. High and lows are inevitable, but according to him with the right attributes, your employees will use their skills to grow your company. His YouTube channel has various videos on this aspect which you can have a look at when hiring employees.

So, here are few characteristics you need to look in when hiring staff to grow your business.

  • Dedication

This is the first and foremost thing you need to look in when hiring the employee. Look for employees who have a no-nonsense and get-it-done attitude as these dedicated employees will help pull the wagon. Also, employees who are dedicated don not leave before their shift is over and tie up the loose ends and make sure that their work goes beyond and above of what is expected. When interviewing a candidate, ask them about their work ethic. Talk with their previous employer to find out if they have that dedication and drive to make your business successful.

  • Positive Attitude

A positive attitude is not only important to help your business grow but is an important prerequisite in general life as well. Employees with positive attitude help your business scale new heights. When interviewing candidates, look for the ones who don’t lose sight of their positivity when time gets tough. Value candidates with a good attitude and if the employee has had a bad experience ask them what they learned from it. Asking this will help you ensure that how positive the employee is. Additionally, positive attitude is important for developing a good relationship with co-workers as well.

  • Well Qualified

Of course, the employee you hire need to be qualified for the job, you just can’t hire someone to be a designer if they have a good attitude but no idea what they are doing. You need to look for skills and beyond what is mentioned in the job description, such as good communication or leadership qualities. This will help you get an idea of whether the employee could fill a management position in the future. Check thoroughly to see if a candidate’s skills, experience and educational qualification match what you are looking for. Give candidates tests and ask behavioural questions to ensure they are right for the job.

So, these are few of the characteristics you need to look when hiring staff to grow your business. However, finding the right staff is a painstaking process, you can take external help such as from recruitment agencies or hire Shannon Pigram, an HR professional responsible for company culture, developing learning programs and developing recruitment strategies to help hire the right candidates. Shannon keeps taking on new ventures and projects. To stay informed on Shannon’s latest projects visit wesrch and Etsy and also follow him on LinkedIn and Instagram.