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Learn and Earn with Plastering as Career Option

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Plastering as Career Option

The aesthetic beauty of a building depends largely on the quality of plastering, regardless of whether it is a domestic, commercial or industrial establishment. While external plastering is definitely complex and has to stand up to the vagaries of the weather, internal plastering is both an art and science. It is science because it has to be meticulously done so that it stands the test of time and art because an experienced plasterer can transform the interiors beautifully through ornamental and decorative plastering.

Additionally, a commercial plasterer has to know the many fine aspects related to it. Building structures with enhanced acoustics and false ceilings are some of the multi dimensional work of plasterers. Hence if you are looking at plastering as a career option, you should pick up adequate skill sets first by joining one of the many Universities and polytechnic that offer top of the line courses on plastering.

All courses offered by these Institutes offer pre-apprenticeship and apprenticeship programmes. In the first case, you have to go through full time training and classes to pick up the basics of plastering. You will be given an overview of the industry and the many career options open before you.

Primary areas that will be covered include use of hand and power tools, plastering construction techniques, levelling and scaffolding, reading building plans and installing walls and ceilings, insulation and decorative mouldings. You will also be taught about demolition work. This is very important as plasterers are often required to take down existing structures and build new ones during renovation activities.

In the apprenticeship training you will be required to work on-site with qualified and well established plasterers to get firsthand knowledge of the skills needed to be a plasterer. If you are in Melbourne, you can get to work as an apprentice with Coburg Plasterers, one of the leading and well known names in this field. Most apprenticeships are paying so you can learn while you earn.

Some of the courses that are ideal for young budding plasterers wanting to make a career out of this trade are –

  • Certificate II in Building and Construction (Wall & Ceiling Lining and Painting & Decorating)
  • Certificate III in Solid Plastering which is spread over 30 months and includes the many aspects of solid plastering in residential and commercial construction.

In the fast growing real estate market with large scale construction activities, the time is ripe for potential plasterers to take the plunge and pick up this trade, more so when there is a scope of learning hands-on while earning.