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How to Be a Successful Property Investor

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Investing in property is not easy; there are hundreds of ramifications to it. But for the seasoned and the experienced, it’s all in a day’s work. Value of property depends on many factors, not necessary linked to property itself. A war in a remote country can make property prices plunge at the other end of the globe. A natural disaster such as an earthquake can lower prices elsewhere. And even election of an American President or Britain leaving the European Union can affect property prices favourably or adversely. Hence any property investor must have an ear to the ground and take into consideration all such aspects to be successful.

However, any property investor has to follow a definite set of rules to be in a truly winning situation.

Invest low – This is of course the cardinal rule in all speculative ventures. Remember, playing the property market game is on top of this list. Invest when property markets are low and sluggish and build on that. When you ultimately decide to sell, you’ll be in a winning position. However, knowing exactly when the prices have hit a trough and you have to buy is difficult. That’s when your experience and business acumen will be severely tested. Forget about property prices for a while, keep your sights broadly on events around you and try to understand what might impact property prices.

Have patience – There is always a tendency in human nature to make a quick profit. After you’ve purchased property at rock bottom prices, do not sell when prices are on the upswing. Have patience and wait for the trend to run out of steam. How do you know that this level is approaching? The rate of increase will be high initially but will ultimately level off. You have to keenly follow the pattern and hold on to your investment even against your most fervent desire to sell.

Consult the experts – Even though you might have acquired a certain degree of expertise in this field, it is always advisable to consult the professionals to guide you. Before arriving at a decision take a commercial property lawyer into confidence. There are a host of things to be looked into – laws of the land, documentation, stamp duties and compliance with other legal and statutory requirements. Any error at this stage can turn problematic at a later stage.

Specialise in a niche – If people have to know you and approach you as a successful property investor and dealer, you should cater to a niche. Generalisation does not pay in the long run in this field. If you specialise in say up market properties, others looking for the same will approach you. Other examples are residential or commercial property, industrial land or farmland and any other type of property that you might think of. True, you will get limited clientele but then you can keep a higher margin as the price of having exclusive and top of the line properties in your portfolio.

These are some of the tips you can use to be a successful property investor. Other ways and means to optimise your business rests solely on your business wisdom.     


Increase Your House Value Before Selling

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There is always a question lurking in the minds of house owners who plan to sell their house at some point in the foreseeable future. And that is – should I sell my house in an as is where is condition or should I make some improvements to increase its curb value before doing so. If the house is comparatively new, the selling price will be good in any case. But a structure that has been around for a couple of decades obviously will need some modifications if more than average returns are to be expected.


The best option is to add a wing or storey to the house, give it a fresh coat of paint and put in a few extra modern fittings and fixtures. But it is easier said than done and the whole exercise should be entrusted to reputed builders specialising in house extensions in Melbourne. They have long years of experience behind them and will complete the project on a turnkey basis. It is crucial that the additional floor or any extension on the side blend in perfectly with the existing architectural setup of the present house and should not stick out like a sore thumb. It is a challenge for builders if the house has old ornate and the classic look of yesteryears.


If you are desirous of increasing the value of your house before selling, it is advisable to do some research on extension builders in your area before opting for one of your choice. Go through the portfolio of their previous projects and the before-after photographs and you’ll surely get a fair idea of their expertise and the enhanced worth that they can add to the house.


Sales Training: Tips to increase conversions

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Business is all about sales, sales and even more sales and is the primary reason why there is nothing better than increased conversion rate for the bottom line. However, in the present business scenario where more and more people are hopping on to the Internet bandwagon and searching online before coming to a purchase decision it makes sense to consider the conversion rate from both the offline and online perspectives.

  • Offline – This is primarily related to the print media and other such publicity medium. How a copy is presented makes all the difference between high and stagnant sales levels. First the headline. Legendary ad guru David Ogilvy once said that five times more people read the headline than the body. So if the headline is not strong enough, 80% of the readership is wasted. User friendly font size and layout have a great role to play in this regard. Next comes the offer – is the customer getting value for money. Being persuasive is one thing, constant hard sell tends to put people off. This is especially true for say insurance, language courses, home renovation and extension and tree removal services where a great deal of thought is put by prospective clients before arriving at a purchase or service decision.


  • Online – Any website today is a work of art and needs to be highly specialised if it has to have an edge over competitors. The Internet provides a level playing field and only sites with that little “extra” and a specific USP will get ahead of the pack. To increase conversions, it is necessary to enhance online visibility through such specialised tools as search engine optimisation, social media marketing PR marketing and email marketing amongst others. Further, when a consumer reaches the landing page all the queries in mind should have ready answers there. Call to action buttons should be clearly visible and highlighted without any ambiguity.

The focus is to create brand awareness and be there when a customer looks for you. Follow these simple sales tips to increase conversions and watch your business grow.


Sell Anything To Anyone Anywhere

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Marketing & Sales Training – Sell Anything to Anyone, Anywhere

There is a tendency to club marketing and sales into one and talk about them in the same breath. But actually there is a subtle difference between the two. Marketing includes sales, that is sales is a key component of overall marketing strategy and can be said to be its end result. Marketing is also instrumental in increasing brand awareness and making potential customers form an opinion of the product. A sale is simply taking the product to the customers to satisfy their specific needs but is actively an integral part of revenue generation and profitability.

Since marketing and sales are the two pillars which determine the fortunes of any company, it is imperative that training in these fields be focussed on the ability of the sales and marketing teams to sell anything to anyone anywhere. Following a few tips will surely help in this regard –

  • Having a clearly defined vision and USP – Marketing strategies should revolve around the USP of the company. Why would customers opt for a product specifically instead of others? Once this is clear it will be possible to pull in prospects on a regular basis.
  • Being there when looked for – This is the key to any marketing and sales training module in today’s business scenario. Being highly visible and having a strong online presence is essential. More people now make purchase decisions after searching the Internet than ever before. Hence specialised sales and marketing tools include email marketing, social media marketing, search engine optimisation and other online digital marketing techniques.

Another factor is cultivating niche awareness and is what the likes of Donald Trump, Richard Branson, Oprah Winfrey and others had figured out long back. They built up a specific image that people referred to whenever there was a need for similar products and services. They concentrated on just a couple of niches and from there took their business empires to dizzying heights. Within their framework, they could sell anything to anyone anytime. That’s what marketing and sales training ultimately boils down to.