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How Success is Directly Proportional to your Looks as a Professional

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Success is like water, it takes the shape of its holder and creates an exclusive space for itself. Like water, there is no standardised explanation to success, it is specific to the environment it is in. Success in an industry is quite different from success in academics, success in administration is quite different from success in sports. Even the avenues to success in all these cases is different, the means to reach the pinnacle is as diverse as it can get. What then defines success? It is a matter of the mind more than anything else. Same company, same executives and same work, yet workers in the same department will have different benchmarks to measure their personal success stories.

However, in this hugely complex cauldron of definition to success, there is one common thread that runs through all. It is your looks and how you carry yourself off in different situations. It is often said that a confident person has a higher probability of achieving success in his field of activity. And it is here that looks matter. You will want to do business with a person who is impeccably dressed and takes care to ensure that the tie knot is exactly where it should be, with a person who dresses for the occasion to impress you with his business acumen. Looks matter a lot and is often considered to be directly proportional to looks.

There are those who go the extra mile to ensure that they are tops in the looks department, if only to make sure that they climb their way to success. Helping them in their effort are the many beauty clinics that dot any location in the world. Beauty and looks is big business today because people have realised that a part of success can be attributed to this factor. So if a little bit of investment in looks gives returns manifold in terms of success, why not.

This is one reason why there is an exponential growth in IPL laser machines for sale. These machines are primarily meant for skin rejuvenation treatments and permanent hair removal. Use of epilators and waxing for hair removal is passé. Which successful person has the time to repeatedly make an effort to look good before every important meeting or client interaction? The machines send short bursts of light through the skin that strikes at the root and bulb of the hair follicle. These are destroyed thereby stopping hair reproduction from the roots. All skin types can be treated by these machines and it takes just 4 to 5 sessions once a month for complete permanent hair removal.

Finally, success and looks is like a double edged sword. Too much of any one can drag you to complacency. The trick is to ensure that the two are simultaneously kept on even keel. A successful businessman who has struggled his way up might just feel that he can ride on it forever irrespective of how he maintains himself. Sadly, this cannot be further from the truth.  Success is directly proportional to looks and must be kept that way.